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i think i choked on tears at ‘Frey celebrations’


I suffer from aviophobia. It means fear of dying in something that flies!

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doctor who graphics battle | jackdonaghy vs. doctorwhos50th

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Happy Birthday Kit


This is Mori. I never knew her very well, but she was always one of those “friend of friends” kind of people. This past Friday, while I was with a mutual friend, we received some terrible news. Her boyfriend of 8 months pushed her out of a moving vehicle, dragged her into the middle of the road, beat her within an inch of her life, and left her for dead in a pool of her own blood. He was arrested and is already out on bail.

Her sister has started a fundraiser set up here to help cover Mori’s hospital bills. Even if you can’t donate, please at least reblog this in hopes of reaching someone who can help.
I don’t usually post things like this, but being that this happened to someone I know from my hometown, it truly scares me. Domestic violence is not okay. It sickens me to see that there are people blaming her for this incident, or blaming it on her race, fidelity, or saying she “got her ass beat because she deserved it.” I truly hope that Mori is able to inspire someone suffering from abuse to step up and make a stand, however necessary. 

Please help by donating or reblogging this post. She will need every bit of help that she can get.


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Orphan Black and Drugs